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This Brooklyn Home’s $175K Gut Reno Was More Like an “Archeological Dig”

May 10, 2024

The Offer: Uncover the hidden history within this $175K Brooklyn home! Witness the transformative journey of a gut renovation that unveiled the essence of this dwelling. Explore the unique design choices and architectural details that led to this stunning makeover.

Summary: Embark on an extraordinary house tour of a Brooklyn home that underwent a remarkable $175K gut renovation, turning it from a dated space to a modern marvel. Homeowner Christina Salway shares the archeological journey of unearthing layers of history within the house—restoring its essence while preserving its intriguing past. Join us on this revealing exploration filled with inspiring design choices, unique architectural details, and the passion that brought new life to this majestic dwelling. Witness the magic of transformation as we traverse through rooms that witnessed the restoration of beauty and the creation of a truly exceptional living space.