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See How I Gave My Dated '70s Living Room a Fresh, Minimalist Makeover

May 14, 2024

The Offer: Get inspired by these 5 design experts who reveal the key items in your home to let go of right now, and transform your space today!

Summary: Transform your home with expert guidance! Dive into the recommendations from 5 top designers on the key items you should bid farewell to in your home today for a fresh, minimalist makeover. Say goodbye to outdated décor, learn about the latest home trends, and revamp your space like a pro! Get inspired by ingenious space-saving solutions, modern makeovers, and cozy home transformations. Explore chic glasses, unique houseplant gems, and the smart use of over-the-door shoe organizers. Plus, find out how to cut cake with wine glasses and honor your mom's legacy at home. Sign up now for exclusive savings and design tips!