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5 Simple Ways to Keep Cut Lilacs from Wilting

May 14, 2024

The Offer: Discover Ina Garten's secrets to growing classic blooms in her spring garden! Plus, learn 5 simple ways to keep cut lilacs fresh in a vase and create a buzz with a cute bee hotel for pollinators. Dive into the world of trending garden tips and shop essentials for a thriving spring garden now!

Summary: Unveil the gardening wonders of Ina Garten as she nurtures classic blooms in her spring garden. Learn essential tips to keep cut lilacs fresh in a vase and create a haven for pollinators with a charming bee hotel. Dive into the latest garden trends and elevate your gardening experience with must-have tools and products for a thriving spring garden. Additionally, find out about the irresistible Lone Ranger cocktail, fresh tomato recipes, global dumpling delights, and pro tips for cooking steak in the oven. Discover the top electric kettles and functional kitchen trash cans to enhance your home. Explore our recommended watering can for indoor and outdoor plants and grab a garden kneeling pad to save your knees. Experience the joy of transforming your yard, creating delectable dishes, and mastering home decor with our inspiring magazine. Sign up now to unlock a world of possibilities! Shop, learn, and grow with Better Homes & Gardens.