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11 tips for procrastinating less

March 7, 2024

The Offer: Start taking control of your ADHD tendencies by learning how to stop procrastinating. Discover 11 effective ways to kick the habit and boost your productivity!

Summary: Are you struggling with procrastination due to your ADHD? Take a new approach and start tackling tasks early for a change. Dive into our top story uncovering 11 ways to stop procrastinating and make a positive shift in your habits. Learn about the differences between hyperfixation and special interests, a side-by-side comparison of Concerta vs. Adderall, and how ADHD impacts task switching. Discover more insights on mental health with our latest podcast episode discussing mental health talks with young children. Subscribe today to access expert therapy resources and get 25% off professional online therapy with BetterHelp. Join millions in improving their well-being and productivity. Take control of your ADHD journey with Healthline!