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Dow industrials up 315 points in post–Jerome Powell rebound

November 10, 2023

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Summary: MarketWatch Bulletin is your go-to source for staying informed about the latest market trends, breaking news, and informative articles. In today's edition, we bring you the news that Dow industrials are up 315 points in a post-Jerome Powell rebound, providing valuable insights for investors. Additionally, we cover the story of contaminated eye drops from Walmart, CVS, and Target, linked to a factory in India where workers reportedly went barefoot and faked safety checks. Stay informed about the newly-announced 2024 income-tax brackets by the IRS and understand what they mean for your tax bill. Veterans Day 2023 updates are also covered, answering questions about bank closures, mail delivery, and school schedules. Finally, learn about the struggles in the stock market until Thanksgiving as bond yields bounce, with one sector in particular being a turkey. Stay ahead of the game and make informed financial decisions with MarketWatch Bulletin.