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Powering EVs + SuperLimbs + new NAS members + Bike Lab

May 16, 2024

The Offer: Discover the latest innovative projects and breakthroughs from MIT. Stay up-to-date with charging advancements, robotic technologies, new NAS members, and the vibrant community at the MIT Bike Lab. Don't miss out on the cutting-edge science and inspiring stories from MIT.

Summary: Delve into the forefront of innovation with MIT Daily. Explore how senior Elaine Siyu Liu is revolutionizing energy distribution through her double major in math and EECS. Witness the potential of Robotic SuperLimbs to aid moonwalkers and extend lunar missions. Learn about the latest achievements of MIT faculty elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2024. Experience the hands-on learning and sustainable transportation advocacy at the MIT Bike Lab. Join us in celebrating the legacy of Professor Emeritus Jerome Connor in structural mechanics. Stay connected with MIT as we unravel groundbreaking microneedle patches and inspirational stories of academic influence on policy. Meet your MIT neighbor, graduate student Nicole Angehrn, and uncover the small details that bring joy to her day. Dive into a day in the life of a PhD student with MIT News. Embrace the essence of MIT's spirit of innovation and curiosity. This newsletter was brought to you by a day in the life of a PhD student. Explore, engage, and be inspired by the wonders of MIT.