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Must Reads: My Top 2 Rated Stocks With Yields Over 9%

October 13, 2022

The Offer: Invest in energy, the only sector with a +43% YTD gain. Discover my top 2 rated stocks with yields over 9%. Let your portfolio thrive amidst market uncertainty!

Summary: Embark on a profitable investment journey by exploring the robust +43% YTD gain of the energy sector and discover my top 2 rated stocks with yields over 9%. The October 13 CPI report is anticipated to impact the stock market significantly. Be prepared for potential stock market fluctuations. Amidst market panic, seize the opportunity to invest in high-yielding picks. Don't succumb to fear-mongering regarding AT&T stock. Keep a steady hand and consider the potential after the WarnerMedia spinoff. Download the Seeking Alpha App for more investing ideas and newsletters.