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NFL Superstar Damar Hamlin Agrees—Reader’s Digest Got it Right

March 19, 2024

The Offer: Experience the kindness of Buffalo, NY, through Damar Hamlin's inspiring letter, exclusively featured in Reader's Digest. Discover why Buffalo was named 2023's Nicest Place in America and how community support helped a Buffalo Bills safety through a life-threatening injury. Nominate your place today for the chance to be on the cover of Reader's Digest in 2024!

Summary: Join us in exploring the heartwarming tale of Buffalo, NY, as it becomes the 2023's Nicest Place in America. In this exclusive feature, Reader's Digest showcases Damar Hamlin's letter, illustrating how the community helped him overcome a life-threatening injury. Learn what truly makes a place the 'Nicest' and nominate your own locale for a chance to grace the cover of Reader's Digest in 2024!