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YOUR ORCHARD REPORT: We Are West Michigan's Best & Brightest Place To Work 🏆

May 16, 2024

The Offer: Get ready for a Michigan Summer with our Cherry Hour Bundle! Mix Michigan's Finest Cocktail Cherries and Cherry Almond Simple Syrup with your favorite liquor for the perfect cocktail. Shop Now for the best-selling bundle!

Summary: Elevate your summer experience with our Cherry Hour Bundle, a top-selling option ideal for celebrating a Michigan Summer. This exciting bundle includes Michigan's Finest Cocktail Cherries and our delectable Cherry Almond Simple Syrup. Create your signature cocktail by mixing your preferred liquor, a splash of Cherry Almond Simple Syrup, a mixer of your choice, and ice. Shake it up and enjoy the refreshing taste of northern Michigan with each sip. Shop now for a bundle that adds a touch of cherry-inspired charm to your summer gatherings!